The capital of hangers in China

admin /2018-04-12 10:26:28

The capital of hangers in China, the base is located in Lipu County, Guilin City, Guangxi, which belongs to the northeastern region of Guangxi.

The hanger industry in Lipu County started in the early 1990s. After more than ten years of hard work and continuous development, it has basically formed a development pattern of small products, large markets and large industries, and has become an industry with local characteristics. It is one of the pillar industries, and has also become the main producing area and export product production base of hanger products in the country. In April 2008, Lipu County won the honorary title of "China Hanger Production Base".

At present, Lipu County has 126 manufacturers of various hanger series and supporting products, including 46 enterprises above designated size, with an annual output of about 2 billion hangers of various types and more than 1,000 varieties. More than 90% of hanger products are exported to foreign countries, and the sales network covers Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The export volume accounts for more than 50% of the total exports of similar products in the country. The rapid development of the hanger industry has made great contributions to the social and economic development of Lipu: promoting the The development and growth of the enterprise has cultivated a large number of enterprise management talents, increased financial income, provided a large number of jobs, increased farmers' income, driven the great development of forestry, packaging, hardware accessories production and other related industries, and accelerated the pace of urbanization. , and increased the popularity of Lipu.