Hanger Process

admin /2022-05-09 16:33:07

The wood used for the production of wooden hangers can only be produced when the dry humidity is below 18 degrees. It must be dried before use. If the funds allow, you can stock up the wood and dry it naturally. Wood with insect eyes will not be used. Wooden hangers are exported. According to the Chinese Commodity Inspection Law, they must undergo plant inspection and can only be exported after obtaining qualified procedures (according to the requirements of the importing country, some need to be fumigated). The production process of wooden hangers is mainly divided into four major processes, rough, frosted, paint, and assembly.

In the production of metal hangers, the first step is to make a wire hanger as a base, straighten the wire, and send it into the bending and shaping machine. The parts on both sides of the machine are pressed down, the steel cylinder is lowered, and the two iron wires of different lengths are quickly wound into a strand, the steel cylinder is lifted, and the remaining wire ends are bent into hooks. The hanger is first subjected to pretreatment such as rust removal and degreasing, and then immersed in the hot-melt plastic liquid and slowly taken out. At this time, the wire hanger is wrapped with plastic film.

The plastic hanger is made by feeding granular or powdered plastic from the hopper of the injection machine into the barrel for heating and melting. After plasticization, the material is compressed and moved forward under the pressure of the plunger or screw, injected into the closed mold cavity of lower temperature at a fast speed through the nozzle in front of the barrel, and the mold is opened after cooling and setting for a certain period of time. Take out the product.

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