Choose the right type of hanger

admin /2022-05-09 17:25:45

Laundry is an essential daily chore, and it can be done more easily if it takes the hassle out of drying your clothes. Looking for a set of convenient and easy-to-use hangers can help you save time and effort, and make laundry time easier and more comfortable.

There are two types of drying racks and clothespin sets, one is specially designed for clothing, and the other is designed for accessories such as socks and intimate clothing.

Clothespin set is suitable for small clothing accessories such as underwear, panties, socks, etc. It is usually used with ordinary clothes hangers, and the sizes are quite diverse. Some bulky items can even be folded for easier storage when not in use.

The most common material for hangers is plastic, and apart from hangers, clothespins are often made of plastic. Compared with other materials, it is light and does not rust, so you don’t have to worry about rust getting on your clothes, but if you hang it outdoors for a long time, it may be degraded by sunlight. Stainless steel hangers have the advantages of durability, rust and oxidation resistance, especially Products made of all stainless steel can be used for a very long time. However, its disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher and the weight is heavier. If the weight of wet clothes is added when drying, it will be more laborious to use.

Steel hangers are usually wrapped in resin, such as vinyl, so they come in a variety of colors and it's easy to find a style you like. And it also has the advantages of light weight and low price, and is loved by various families. The only thing to note is that this type is more likely to rust than stainless steel. It is not recommended to hang it in a humid place for a long time, and the outer layer will gradually peel off due to sunlight exposure.

Compared with the bulky traditional clothes hangers, the foldable clothes drying rack is also very convenient to store and carry when not in use. In addition, with the increase in the number of members and the amount of clothes in the family, it is inevitable to buy more clothes drying racks. At this time, it is the best way to choose a style that does not take up space.

As the garment dries, it loses its friction with the hanger and may slip to the ground. At this time, if you choose a hanger with a non-slip design, you don't have to worry about getting your clothes dirty and having to wash them again. The most common non-slip design has grooves at the shoulders, so that the vest is also very convenient.

The hook that can rotate freely 360 degrees can rotate with the direction of the wind to reduce the resistance of the hanger. This design is very popular especially on clothespin sets. Although there may not be many clothes hangers of this type, if there is a need Still can pay more attention.

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